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News from Prior-Lake Savage Area Schools

PLSAS 2023 Graduates

Kudos to the Prior Lake High School Class of 2023! We are so proud of you!

Minnesota Twins pitcher visits PLHS

Spanish 2 students at Prior Lake High School had a very unique opportunity with a special visitor on Monday, May 22... They were able to meet and talk with Minnesota Twins starting pitcher, Pablo López!

Spanish 2 students are currently reading the novel “Felipe Alou desde las valles a las montañas” which is about the challenges Felipe Alou faced as a Spanish speaking black man from the Dominican Republic as he made it big in the major leagues in the United States during the 1950s. Spanish teachers Jessica Coleman and Amber Sevald were able to connect with Pablo López to see if he'd be willing to visit students at PLHS as there are several similarities between the two major league baseball players. Having grown up in Venezuela, Pablo knows how to speak four languages and was accepted into medical school before getting the opportunity to play baseball in the United States.

Pablo spent the majority of the hour answering questions the students had for him about his life and career. He ended his visit by signing autographs and taking pictures with them.

Two PLHS juniors score a perfect 36 on ACT

Two Prior Lake High School students have joined an elite group of high school students by earning the highest possible ACT composite score of a 36. Congratulations to juniors Gavin Shaner and Abby Leach on this awesome accomplishment!

According to ACT, less than one-half of 1% of all test takers earn the top score.

Jeffers Pond 3rd graders paint snowplow blade

It was a beautiful day to paint a snowplow blade!

Snow-bi Wan Kenobi, PLSAS' newest snowplow, was named by Mrs. Fahning's third graders at Jeffers Pond Elementary School, whose name won the district's first-ever "Name That Snowplow!" contest. On Monday afternoon the class spent time painting the snowplow blade as their reward for coming up with the winning name.

Earlier this year, third-grade classrooms in the district were invited to participate in the PLSAS "Name that Snowplow!" Contest. After 21 classrooms submitted their best snowplow name, a team of judges narrowed it down to four finalists. The staff at the District Services Center then voted on their favorite and the winning name was clear.

First Annual Cultural Student Group Leadership Conference

On Thursday, the South Suburban Conference (SSC) schools, along with Jordan Public Schools hosted a first-of-its kind event designed to provide leadership training for student members of school clubs promoting culture and diversity. Select students and staff from Eagan, Eastview, Farmington, Jordan, Lakeville North, Lakeville South, Prior Lake, Rosemount and Shakopee were in attendance for the event.

Students learned how to enhance their personal and group leadership skills and gain knowledge around event management and planning. Additionally, the conference served as an opportunity for the student leaders to network with each other on their various initiatives and events.

Students heard from Superintendent, Dr. Michael Thomas during the keynote address. Additionally, there were breakout sessions on the topics of personal leadership, event management, and advocacy.

Student and staff representatives from the following high schools were in attendance: Eagan, Eastview, Farmington, Jordan, Lakeville North, Lakeville South, Prior Lake, Rosemount and Shakopee.