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Living our Mission with Laker Pride

Five Hawks 3rd graders demonstrate Fundations to School Board members

Third grade students from Five Hawks acted as teachers and taught the School Board members a Fundations demonstration lesson during the Laker Pride portion of the November 14 School Board meeting.

Fundations, which is a K-3 word work curriculum, is a key component to a balanced literacy program. The primary goals of Fundations are to raise the reading proficiency of all students and teaches them phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, high frequency word study, handwriting and spelling.

Students were then recognized with certificates for the work they did in demonstrating this program to the School Board. If you'd like to watch the video of the meeting to see these students in action, click here.

Students Star in PLSAS Recruitment Video

Have YOU seen the new PLSAS recruitment video? These Lakers are now famous within the PLSAS community because of the stellar job they did in the video!

During the Laker Pride section of the October 10, 2022 School Board meeting, the actors and actresses of the new PLSAS recruitment video were honored for their awesome performances. Their hard work and willingness to perform has helped boost our recruitment efforts within the district!

Thank you to Mitchell, Aaliyah, Nealia, Ethan, Devan (pictured); as well as, Leni, Bukhari and Roselyn (not pictured).

View the video here :