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Parent Groups

American Indian Education (AIPAC) Parent Advisory Group

Per Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.78, subdivision 3, The American Indian education parent advisory committee must be composed of parents of children eligible to be enrolled in American Indian education programs; secondary students eligible to be served; American Indian language and culture education teachers and paraprofessionals; American Indian teachers; counselors; adult American Indian people enrolled in educational programs; and representatives from community groups. A majority of each committee must be parents of children enrolled or eligible to be enrolled in the programs. The number of parents of American Indian and non-American Indian children shall reflect approximately the proportion of children of those groups enrolled in the programs.

Language Specific Parent Advisory Groups

These Parent Advisory Groups are designed to engage parents from the top 5 language groups in our district: Spanish, Somali, Russian, Vietnamese and Khmer.  The groups are run in the preferred language of members and to allow parents a way to connect with the district and their children’s education in a language that is most comfortable to them. Parents who participate also can network with each other and learn about ways to best navigate the school system at all the different levels (Pre-K through 12 and Community Education).