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Bus Safety & FAQs

The safety of all school children is a joint responsibility between the principals, parents, students, school bus operators and administrative staff. A major ingredient of that is communication. Please let us know when anything changes in the busing routine of your child so that we can contact the necessary people to make sure the change goes smoothly.


  • Leave home early. Arrive at the school bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled pickup time, but not more than 10 minutes.
  • Always wait for the bus driver to bring the bus to a complete stop, put out the red stop sign and signal for you to cross the street.
  • Walk directly away from the bus when you get off. If you must cross in front of the bus when you exit, walk far enough in front of the bus (10 feet) so the driver has you in his/her vision at all times. A rule of thumb, if you can see the driver’s eyes – they can see you.
  • Do not stick your head, arms or any other object out the window of the bus.

School bus safety is no accident. It takes planning, training, and follow-through. As parents, I hope you will work with us to make sure all our children have a safe and enjoyable trip to and from school. Please take the time to teach them the basics and remind your children of their role in bus safety. National statistics state that most bus accidents occur when a driver’s attention is momentarily distracted from their driving responsibilities by misbehavior of students on the bus.

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