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At Prior Lake - Savage Area Schools we believe technology is a tool that can be used to improve learning, instruction, communication and student achievement. Our goal is to utilize technology to increase engagement and opportunities to learn anytime, anywhere.

In alignment with our district mission to prepare learners to reach their full potential in an ever-changing world, we believe that 21st century skills are essential outcomes of our students’ education. Technology can help students become skillful collaborators, communicators, creators and critical thinkers.

The Technology department is responsible for purchasing, installing and maintaining systems related to network infrastructure, Voice over IP, desktop hardware, student information systems, software programs and district printing.

The Information Technology department is committed to providing excellent service and support to all stakeholders by facilitating the appropriate uses of technology which empowers users, inspires creativity and enhances communication.

Contact US

Director of Technology
(952) 226-0061

Administrative Assistant to Technology
(952) 226-0060

Amber Lies
Database Systems Specialist
(952) 226-0810

Jen Musto
Database Systems Technician
(952) 226-0062

Network Systems Specialist
(952) 226-0057

Network Systems Technician
(952) 226-0028

Technology Specialist
(952) 226-0066

Technology Specialist
(952) 226-0064

Lead Field Technician
(952) 226-0056

Field Technician
(952) 226-0084

Field Technician
(952) 226-0067 

Ryan Lantz
Field Technician
(952) 226-0085


District Printing Processors

Gail Dehmlow
(952) 226-0837

Heidi Heyer
(952) 226-0836