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Operational Services

The PLSAS Operational Services Department is responsible for the care and maintenance of the District’s 1.68 million square feet in 13 buildings, 1 leased space, and over 323 acres of land.

We take pride in providing our students, staff, and community members with high-quality, efficient, sustainable, and safe physical environments that positively impact our students' learning experience.

Click here for the latest energy efficiency analysis presented to the PLSAS School Board at a recent Study Session. 

We strive to:

  • Provide clean, safe, and secure facilities and grounds
  • Operate in a resource efficient and sustainable manner
  • Continue to improve operations and maintenance processes
  • Provide a high level of customer satisfaction

Contact Us

Maureen Mullen
Interim Director of Operational Services
(952) 226-0026

Hayley Heidelberg
Emergency Preparedness and Response Coordinator
(952) 226-0035

Jody Swedberg
Operations and Transportation Specialist
(952) 226-0050

Jacque Jordan
Finance Administrative Assistant
(952) 226-0088

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