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What's the difference between a bond and an operating levy?

A bond request and an operating levy are both methods school districts can use to generate revenue and both require voter approval, but they serve different purposes. Put simply, levies are for learning and bonds are for building. 

  • Operating levies provide sustained funding for the district's day-to-day operational expenses, bridging the gap left by state and federal allocations. These expenses include salaries for teachers and support staff, classroom supplies, utilities, transportation costs and other operational expenses. 

PLSAS’ operating levy is the lowest in the area and one of the lowest in the state. That means we don’t have as much money as our neighboring districts to operate our schools. The School Board is currently discussing the possibility of putting a voter-approved operating levy on the November 2024 ballot. 

  • First page of the PDF file: OperatingLevyComparison2024_3
    Bonds are used to fund major capital projects - like building a new school or major facility renovations. Bond dollars cannot be used for salaries or other operational expenses.