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Assessment, Evaluation & District Improvement

Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools' Testing and Assessment program incorporates state-wide testing, local standardized testing, and classroom assignments and observation to provide a complete picture of student achievement and curricular strengths and challenges.

Compared to both national norms and state-wide test results, Prior Lake-Savage students perform exceedingly well.

Elementary, middle and high school students take the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment tests (MCA IIIs) in math, reading and science; Elementary and Middle school students also take the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing in both reading and math. These tests help schools and districts measure student progress toward the state's academic standards.

Contact Us

Jennie Akerstrom Zumbusch
Director of Assessment, Evaluation and District Improvement
(952) 226-0078

Julie Siegle
Assistant Director of Teaching, Learning and District Improvement
(952) 226-0075

Lisa Kraft
Administrative Assistant to Assessment and Equity
(952) 226-0070